Women Entrepreneurship

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The entrepreneurship domain has been acknowledged as a significant factor for the development of an economy as it generates employment, produces goods and services, increases GDP, and finally led to increases in per capita income. But this domain is still dominated by male entrepreneurs. Thus, to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among potential and existing women entrepreneurs Maeeshat Academy has come forward to conduct Women Entrepreneurship Training Program to provide financial as well as skill development assistance to budding and already existing women entrepreneurs. Those women( above 18) who choose entrepreneurship as their future career choice or existing women entrepreneurs (also homepreneurs) who want to expand their business can enroll. We will provide certificates besides financial assistance to deserving candidates.


These days, Maeeshat Academy has set up مطبخ -Matbakh” under ‘Shop for a Cause’ programme whose basic purpose is to make women self-reliant. We want to do marketing of the dishes prepared by needy talented women in order to help them to show their talents and also earn in the present condition.

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