About Maeeshat Academy

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Our Aim & Objectives

After all these success now Maeeshat is stepping in to the education field and our first step is Maeeshat coaching centre. Initially in this coaching centre we will offer all academic subjects up to grade 10th and afterwards will increase it to different courses of science ,mathematics ,engineering and many more.

Our aim and priority is to accommodate those students first who can’t afford the tuition fee easily by rebating their fee and make them feel free to join us instead of hesitation. Inspite of rebating the fee we will not compromise in the quality of education which is main motto. Our aim and objective is to boost self-confidence of students, youths and make them competent by giving them quality education under the guidance of professionals and experts. Besides coaching centre we have planned many things to serve in future which will definitely going to benefit students, youths and specially females to become financially independent in today’s male dominating and competitive world.

We have plan many things besides coaching classes for students, teachers and parents, like recently we have organised Maeeshat Academy Fest in February 2018 for school and college students and received overwhelming response and which made the event successful. And now we are planning to organise an event for teachers to felicitate them named Teachers junction and we are many more event like this in future.

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